Veterinary Services for Cats

Routine veterinarian services can help your cat live a longer, healthier life. Whether you’re a first-time cat owner or have had a cat for years, you can benefit from the services of an experienced vet to help with your cat’s healthcare needs.

Veterinary Services for Cats in Atlanta, GA

At PetWell Veterinary Healthcare, Atlanta, GA, we offer routine, medical, and surgical treatments for house cats of all sizes, ages, and breeds. We invite you to visit our animal hospital, meet our team and benefit from all that we have to offer your feline furry friend.


Veterinary Services for Cats

Like most pet owners, you want your kit to get the best care. That’s what you can expect from a vet on our team. We offer the following services for your cat from a fear-free professional in a low-stress environment:

Preventive Care
Preventive pet care will contribute to your cat’s long-term health. Our preventive care services include annual wellness exams, parasite control, vaccinations, nutritional counseling, dental care, and more. Through wellness exams, the veterinarian on our team can detect health problems early when they’re easier to treat to help restore your cat’s health. We can even prevent health problems by recommending changes to your cat’s diet or lifestyle. Preventive pet care is the secret to a longer, healthier life for your cat.

Medical Treatments
In addition to preventive services, we offer medical and surgical services to treat health conditions common to cats. We make use of holistic treatments like herbal medicine and acupuncture to help cats suffering from arthritis, chronic back pain, and other conditions.

Kitten Care/Geriatric Care
Your Atlanta vet caters to the special healthcare needs of kittens and geriatric cats. Kittens may need frequent checkups until they’re six months of age to monitor their growth and development. We can start your kitten on a series of vaccines to protect him against infectious diseases. Boosters will be given when he is young, after which he will be put on a regular vaccination schedule. We also offer routine care for geriatric cats to monitor their delicate health.

Emergency Care
Our animal hospital offers emergency care services to handle life-and-death situations that may arise with your cat, such as toxic ingestion, broken bones from a car accident, or serious lacerations from an animal fight. Having the number of an emergency vet will enable your cat to get prompt and effective treatment when he needs it most.

See a Veterinarian on Our Team for Cat-Friendly Veterinary Care
For quality, cat-friendly veterinarian services you can trust, contact PetWell Veterinary Healthcare at (404) 856-7500. Visit us for help from a fear-free professional in a low-stress environment.

Some issues cannot be prevented! In this situation, please call/make an appointment and we'll do our best to help.

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