Pet Annual Wellness Exams

Owning a pet is a big responsibility. You are tasked with ensuring the health and safety of your furry friend. One of the responsibilities is providing access to quality veterinary care.

Pet Annual Wellness Exams in Atlanta, GA

When your pet is sick or injured, you will visit the vet for help. However, just like people, pets need an annual wellness exam to make sure your furry friend is in good shape. Even if your pet appears healthy, a veterinarian will be able to see things you cannot.

Pet Annual Wellness Exams

What is Covered During an Annual Wellness Exam?
When taking your pet for its annual wellness checkup, you can expect the veterinarian to look at the following:

  • Weight: To ensure your pet is within the proper range for its breed and age.
  • Feet and Nails: To check for splitting, chipping, chafing, and other damage.
  • Heart and Lungs: To listen for any abnormalities.
  • Skin and Coat: To check for dryness, lumps, bugs, spots, and other irregularities
  • Eyes: To look for any cloudiness, discharge, or redness.
  • Ears: To check for mites, infection, polyps, and wax build-up.
  • Mouth: To look for tooth decay and gum issues.
  • Abdominal Area: To see if the organs are normal and if there is any pain or swelling.
  • Vaccinations: Annual vaccines will also be given during the checkup at an additional cost.

More may be done if you express any concerns or if the vet finds anything that warrants further examination. The vet may also recommend:

  • CBC (complete blood test): A check for dehydration, vitamin deficiency, kidney disease, and signs of cancer.
  • Thyroid test: The vet will perform a test of the thyroid gland if there is weight gain, skin problems, or if the pet is sluggish.
  • Urine test: We will check for disease.

If you have an older pet or large dog, the vet may also recommend doing x-rays or scans to rule out any bone or joint issues. It is vital to report any behavioral changes to your veterinarian at the annual wellness checkup. Changes in eating, sleeping, and bathroom habits are especially important.

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