Dogs and cats often have skin issues such as itching and flaking. They can also develop rashes and other concerns.

Dermatology in Atlanta, GA

If your pet is experiencing this kind of problem, PetWell Veterinary Healthcare can help. Working with the right veterinarian and animal hospital can make all the difference in getting your four-legged friend the treatment and support they need.


What Causes Itchy Skin in Pets?
There are a lot of reasons dogs and cats can have itchy skin. Dry weather is one of those reasons. Outdoor pets can also get into grasses and other plant matter that can cause hives, rashes, and other types of skin irritation. Dogs sometimes get hot spots from coming into contact with plants outside. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s condition to determine what is causing its itchy skin and recommend treatment accordingly.

How Can Prevention Help Protect Your Pet?
If you notice your pet frequently suffering from itchy skin, the best way to reduce the issue is to prevent it. Depending on the cause of your pet’s allergic reaction, you might need to keep your pet away from certain plants or other allergens, give your pet a moisturizing bath, brush your pet frequently, or receive a prescription from our veterinarian to prevent itchy skin from developing.

What Treatment Options Are Available?
Prevention isn’t always possible when it comes to animal dermatology. Your pet could get outdoors by accident, or they could react to something you weren’t expecting. Fortunately, a visit to our veterinarian can help them get the treatment they need. Finding the source of the problem is the first step. Then, you can work with our animal hospital staff to treat your pet’s itchy skin and have them feeling better fast.

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