Pet Behavioral Counseling

We can help you improve your pet’s behavior.

Pet Behavioral Counseling in Atlanta, GA

If you’re struggling with your pet’s behavior problems, you’re not alone! PetWell Veterinary Healthcare offers comprehensive behavioral counseling services to help manage and overcome negative pet behaviors once and for all.


Behavioral Counseling, including Pre-Visit Planning

As the chemistry of the modern family has changed, our commitments to work, school, family, and community have increased. We are out more and at home even less. As a result, our pets spend more time alone and indoors, receiving less attention and exercise than they require. This can lead, in many cases, to the development of negative behaviors in your pet. Incessant barking, soiling, and general aggression and destruction of the home are all habits that are usually correctable but can rupture the human-animal bond. This is one reason why our pet-wellness examinations include inquiries into your pet’s behavior to determine if there are any developing problems. This can help eliminate the causes and find remedies as early as possible before these behaviors become entrenched.