Pet Dental (Professional Cleaning)

As pet owners, we usually remember to take our pet to the veterinarian each year for a wellness exam and necessary vaccinations. Even the best pet owners often forget about dental care. Professional dental cleanings are very important for your pet’s overall health. The team at PetWell Veterinary Healthcare offers comprehensive dental care and cleanings to help keep your pet healthy. Let's take a closer look at dental care to understand just how important it is to overall wellness.


Why Is Pet Dental Important?

Pets rely on their teeth for several functions, including vocalizing, eating, and holding objects. Because pets do not have hands like humans, their mouths are used to move objects from place to place. Dangerous gum diseases like gingivitis can quickly take hold in your pet's mouth. Furthermore, many medical problems start in the mouth and move their way throughout your pet’s vital organs. This is very risky and often shortens life spans.

Our Veterinarians Can Help

During a dental cleaning for your cat or dog, one of our veterinarians will clean/supervise the cleaning of your pet's teeth and gums. X-ray images are also taken for each pet. This cleaning will remove any debris and plaque build-up, helping to reverse or prevent gingivitis. The veterinarian will also have the opportunity to inspect your pet's teeth closely. This inspection will allow us to repair or remove any diseased or damaged teeth before they start to impact otherwise healthy teeth in the mouth. Our veterinarians will also examine any ulcerations or abscesses in the mouth.

What to Expect

No pet is anesthetized without first passing a rigorous pre-anesthetic risk assessment. This is the case for youngsters, adults and seniors! Only once a patient passes this risk assessment (With flying colors!) will move forward with the process. This anesthetic is for both the safety of the veterinarian and the safety of your pet. It also allows us to be thorough. With your pet soundly asleep, our team will work in your pet's mouth.

Don't be surprised if our veterinarian recommends an antibiotic following the cleaning process to prevent any possible infections that may have occurred working along the gum line. Your pet's mouth may be a little sore for a few days following the cleaning, especially if your pet had a tooth removed. We often address this with local numbing agents and pain medication to go home.

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